Basketball qualification tournament 2020 in Split

Basketball fan trip to Split (Kraotien) in cooperation with the German Basketball Federation (DBB)


General information
Tournament dates:
Tue., 23rd of June – Sun., 28th of June 2020

  • Germany plays in Split in a group with Mexico and Russia (Group A)
  • Tunisia, Croatia and Brazil form the cross-over group (Group B)
  • Semifinal: 27.06.2020
  • Final: 28.06.2020


Matches Germany

  • 23.06. Germany - Mexico
  • 24.06. free of play
  • 25.06. Russia - Germany


Fan trip to the qualification tournament 
As official licence partner of the German Basketball Federation in the area of Basketball - Fan - Travel we offer the following travel packages to the Quali-Tournament:



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