Range of services

Individual tailor-made service modules can be very complex and require not only interdisciplinary expertise but also an understanding of efficient logistics as well as a keen sense for the perfect location to suit the occasion. A professional technical implementation is as important as choosing the most suitable marketing channel. Last but not least, the intercultural aspect – respecting and understanding different cultural mentalities - plays a leading role in ensuring that the event is planned with utmost precision and is perfect for the client.

We offer all of this with every component from our range of services.

Liberty Sport Events - Leistungen


We offer authentic and transparent handling ensuring that the needs of our clients are met to utmost satisfaction. We support companies, sponsors, federations and sports teams, organising their complete travel programs as well their individual events.

Liberty Sport Events - Leistungen


Should you wish to have a more individual touch during complex sport events, you will benefit from the rich experience, exclusive access and personal contacts in our many destinations. Measuring the success of an event or incentive is a difficult task – but you can feel it in the wonderful atmosphere, and you can see it in the smiles and enthusiasm of your guests.

Liberty Sport Events - Leistungen


We put your brand in the spotlight. By connecting the emotions of sport events with your own individual story, we can achieve the best possible awareness. With perfect storytelling, we can catch the attention of social media as well as your employees in a lasting and nice way.

Liberty Sport Events - Leistungen


Our „all-inclusive“ service isn’t just for VIPs, it’s our standard. We organise everything first-hand. Whether its entry tickets, participant management, on-site support or hostess and transfer services – we take care of everything and your guests can simply relax and enjoy.